Looking For Clues

see, this is why...

yes, i complain about work.  i don't love everything.  i lost 5% in a global pay reduction.  i never work just a 40-hr week.  but then one of my coworkers and i have this exchange, and it's all ok:

me: "who's more important in american history, orville wright or orville redenbacker?"
him: "dude, totally orville redenbacker!"
me: "man, i love me some popcorn"
him: "besides, if there had been no orville wright, there'd have been no 9/11"
me: [speechless]
him: "i mean, basically, the wright brothers are terrorists"
me: [dead on the floor]
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Also May Not Help

Culinary Attack!

first off, just realized how much FB has killed my own LJ... yikes. I thought I was a bit absent, but... wow.


beer-can chicken for RSC tomorrow, and I'm all kinds of excited (and scared of screwing it up).

but I salivate just thinking about it!
Looking For Clues

Welcome to the Year 2000

I have joined the year 2000; I have a cellphone with a camera on it.

the number's still the same, so no worries.

I am enjoying the possibility of posting daily photos to the web, though.
Looking For Clues

Spring has... something?

Spent the nice, warm Sunday handling the giant stick pile and mowing (!) the lawn. I need to put some mulch down and finally order some seeds for the garden.

speaking of which, watch this space for updates on the Ralston Social Club 2009 season. We're going to change our date to the last Sunday of every month in hopes to avoid conflicts.
Looking For Clues


i've heard a couple of songs from the new album.

I am mad excited - this band never ceases to be really really good.

Public Displays of Amazement

Hey ya'll, you may know this already, but even if you do, it bears repeating:

afoundobjectMY WIFE is an amazing, get-em-done wife and mother!

She works an amazingly stressful job (and loves it), she's got a full-time daughter who has decided that "Night Time is the Right Time" and keeps her up all hours feeding, likes to yell and shout and is never satisfied with being calm, a husband who is stressed with work and usually ends up working late, and basically is dealing with a life that keeps driving up to the house in a dump truck full o' stress and pulls the DUMP lever.

And manages to still be hot and funny and caring and find time to buy a Wii and a suit for me and love her daughter and go running with jane_stclaireLaura.

Basically, she rules, and little Story and I are SOOOOO lucky to have her in our lives.
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